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Sweet Pea Grandiflora Matucana - 10x seeds - Flower

Sweet Pea Grandiflora Matucana - 10x seeds - Flower

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10x Sweet Pea Grandiflora Matucana Flower Seeds

A great sweet pea for the summer garden is Sweet Pea Grandiflora Matucana which produces maroon and purple blooms that are both bicolored and have enticing fragrances. Since the 1700s, this heritage cultivar has been cultivated in the UK. Sweet Pea Grandiflora Matucana is a lovely option for flower gardens or for vases after cutting.

Growing instructions:
From February to April, sow thinly, 1.5 cm deep, into carefully prepared, well-dug, healthy soil that has already been watered. Typically, seedlings germinate within around 14–21 days. keep the plants well-watered. Water plants thoroughly after planting especially during warm days.  Sweet Pea Grandiflora Matucana flowers during June through to September.
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