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Seashell Cosmos - 60x Seeds - Flower

Seashell Cosmos - 60x Seeds - Flower

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60x Seashell Cosmos Flower Seeds

Cosmos is a beloved plant of both amateur and professional gardeners due to its ease of growing from seed, performance in containers or bedding schemes, and wide variety of hues, heights, and bloom varieties.

Growing instructions:

Sow seeds from  March through to May. In trays of damp compost, scatter the seeds on top of the soil and lightly cover and take care not to overwater. Keep in a warm location at an approximate temperature of 13-16c (55-60f). The seedlings can be transplanted into larger pots or trays once they are sturdy enough to withstand it. Keep the plants in a warm, bright area without over crowding them. In May, you can directly transplant the plants into the intended place once all possibility of frost has passed.
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