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Red Poppy Corn Poppy 7000 Seeds Papaver Flanders- Free Delivery

Red Poppy Corn Poppy 7000 Seeds Papaver Flanders- Free Delivery

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7000x Red Poppy Corn Seeds
One of the most well-known wildflowers in the entire planet is the red poppy (Papaver rhoeas), which grows from poppy seeds with ease. Other names for it are Shirley Poppy, Flanders Poppy, American Legion Poppy, and Corn Poppy in England. Much of Europe and North Africa are home to this wildflower's native range. The process of growing poppies from seed is so wonderful. Gardeners love red poppies because they grow from wildflower seed so well and convert an uninteresting environment into a dramatic display of magnificent red blooms. They produce new Red Poppy wildflower seed each spring and develop swiftly from flower seeds because they are annuals.

Growing Instructions:
 Sow the Red Poppy Corn seeds from late summer through to early spring. In a sunny, well-drained area, surface sow sparingly from late autumn to very early spring. The seed needs the winter's cold to emerge from its dormant state naturally. If you sow it right next to established grassy areas, it won't grow well. After being sown, seeds can remain dormant for years, producing fresh blooms every year. This has the advantage of allowing the area or meadow to grow for an additional season. Avoid planting during the warm summer months since seeds will scarcely sprout and those that do will quickly die back.


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