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Organic Radish Saxa 2 - 1000x seeds - Vegetable

Organic Radish Saxa 2 - 1000x seeds - Vegetable

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 1000x Organic Radish Saxa 2 Seeds

Organic Radish Saxa produces thin leaves and round bright red roots. Radishes, a brassica family member, are renowned for their crisp, swollen roots. Radishes are most recognised for their tiny, round and red globes. They grow quickly, but select them when the radish is crispy and delicious since they can become harsh and woody as the plants age.

Growing instructions:

Sow the Organic Radish Saxa 2 seeds from March to September. Thinly sow seeds into prepared seedbed (2cm deep). Germination usually takes 10-14 days. Water plants thoroughly after planting especially during warm summer days. Harvest within 4 weeks.
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