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Lupin Russel Series Mix - 30x Seeds - Flower

Lupin Russel Series Mix - 30x Seeds - Flower

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30x Lupin Russel Series Mix Flower Seeds

 A blend of all hues and scents in vertical clusters that give borders a cheery accent. Frequently, the flowers have four colours. Compared to the annual, the perennial lupine has more abundant and vibrant blooms. Their demands on the soil are minimal. Directly sow thinly in the garden. 

Growing instructions:

From March to June, sow thinly, 1.5 cm deep, into carefully prepared, well-dug, healthy soil that has already been watered. Typically, seedlings germinate within around 14–21 days. keep the plants well-watered. Water plants thoroughly after planting especially during warm days. Lupin Russel Series Mix flower during the months of June through to August.
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