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French Marigold Spanish Brocade - 350 seeds - Flower

French Marigold Spanish Brocade - 350 seeds - Flower

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350x French Marigold Spanish Brocade seeds

The Spanish Brocade French Marigold seeds definitely lives up to its name, producing red and gold bi-colored blooms that are reminiscent of flamenco, which will look stunning in your flower beds and flower borders. Before the petals turn more orange as they ripen, each double, crested bloom has edges that appear to have been coated in gold. Being free flowering and simple to cultivate, these wonderful flowers are excellent to sow and grow.

Growing instructions:

Sow the French Marigold Spanish Brocade seeds from March to May. Directly sow seeds in a prepared seedbed outside. Sow the seeds in rows that are 25 to 30 cm apart. Add 0.5 cm (1/4 in) of fine soil over the seeds and water plants thoroughly especially during warm summer days. French Marigold Spanish Brocade seeds flower from May to October.
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