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Brussels Sprout Early Half Tall - 300x Seeds - Vegetable

Brussels Sprout Early Half Tall - 300x Seeds - Vegetable

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300x Brussels Sprout Early Half Tall Seeds
An enduring variety, Brussels Sprout Early Half Tall yields dependable early season crops from October to March. It yields a large number of medium-sized, crunchy, sweet sprouts without any bitter flavour. Brussels Sprout Early Half Tall is a robust, medium-tall plant and its sprouts can be harvested sparingly as needed, or all at once in October if the top "leafy head" is chopped off; in this case, the sprouts will mature at once, usually around Christmas. 

Growing instructions:
Sow the Brussels Sprout Early Half Tall seeds from March to May. Thinly sow seeds into prepared seedbed (2cm deep). Germination usually takes 10-14 days and once the seedlings have germinated and have grown 10-15cm tall, transplant the seeds or spread the plants 30-50cm apart so that they have space to grow larger. Water plants thoroughly after planting especially during warm summer days. Harvest from September to December.

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