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Basil Red Rubin Ocimum Basilicum - 910x seeds - Herb

Basil Red Rubin Ocimum Basilicum - 910x seeds - Herb

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910x Basil Red Rubin Ocimum basilicum Herb Seeds

Beautiful reddish purple leaves and a sweet basil flavour, although one that is a touch stronger, are features of Basil Red Rubin. In addition to being a wonderful culinary herb, it also makes a great vibrant statement plant in the yard. Its deep crimson hue gives pasta and pesto dishes a hint of the extraordinary flavours.

Growing instructions:
 Sow seeds from March to April in compost trays 6 mm deep, then cover with compost. Keep under cover and between 18 and 20 degrees. Germination will occur in approximately 5–10 days. Water cautiously once the seeds have sprouted to avoid "damping off." Place each seedling into a tiny container with care, then give it four weeks to grow. Plant should be moved into a larger pot (approximately 15 cm) or planted in rows 25 cm apart in the garden. Plant only in the garden once all danger of frost has passed, which is in late May or early June. Harvest within six to eight weeks from sowing.
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