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Asparagus Mary Washington - 50x seeds - Vegetable

Asparagus Mary Washington - 50x seeds - Vegetable

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50x Asparagus Mary Washington seeds

Asparagus Mary Washington is a heirloom cultivar with thick big spears and pointy blossom tips that matures early. It has high disease resistance. Mary Washington produces high-quality dark, thick green spears with a tinge of purple on the spear tips. This type has exceptional rust resistance.

Growing instructions:

Sow the Asparagus Mary Washington seeds in spring. Thinly sow seeds into trays (2cm deep). Germination usually takes 10-14 days and once the seedlings have germinated and have grown 10-15cm tall, transplant the seeds or spread the plants 30-50cm apart. Water plants thoroughly after planting especially during warm summer days.
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