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Yorkshire Seeds

50x Salvia Nemorosa Violet Queen Seeds

50x Salvia Nemorosa Violet Queen Seeds

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50x Salvia Nemorosa Violet Queen Seeds
Compact Salvia Nemorosa Violet Queen gives delicate vertical emphasis to the front of a border with its thin spires of eye-catching indigo-blue blooms on dark stalks. The blossoms, which are abundant throughout the summer, are a favourite of butterflies and bees. Perfect for borders and containers.

Growing instructions:
From March to May, Sow thinly, 1.5 cm deep, into carefully prepared, well-dug, healthy soil that has already been watered. Typically, seedlings germinate within around 14–21 days. keep the plants well-watered. Water plants thoroughly after planting especially during warm days. Flowering during June through to August.

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