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10x Cucumber Picolino F1 Seeds - Vegetable

10x Cucumber Picolino F1 Seeds - Vegetable

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10x Cucumber Picolino F1 Seeds

Cucumber Picolino F1 is a fantastic little citrus fruit. The fruits are roughly 12cm long and are just the right amount of Cucumber for a single meal, leaving no leftovers. Picolino is an all-female type that bears a lot of fruit. Harvest often to keep the crop going. Grow indoors or outdoors; fruits from outdoor plants will continue to appear into September.

Growing instructions:

Sow the Cucumber Picolino F1 seeds from February to April. Thinly sow seeds into trays (2cm deep). Germination usually takes 10-14 days and once the seedlings have germinated and have grown 10-15cm tall, transplant the seeds or spread the plants 30-50cm apart. Water plants thoroughly after planting especially during warm summer days. Harvest from June to October or once the Cucumber is approximately 12 - 15cm long.
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