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10x Tomato Maskotka Trailing Seeds - Vegetable

10x Tomato Maskotka Trailing Seeds - Vegetable

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10x Tomato Maskotka Trailing Seeds

With cascading branches that softly hang over the sides of their pots, a dwarf shrub variety that has been specifically designed for growing in baskets and containers. Tomato Maskotka yields a large quantity of bite-sized cherry tomatoes with a delightful sweet flavour, measuring 25–35g (1–114oz) apiece. Whether cultivated outdoors or inside, the fruits of this small type exhibit good resistance.

Growing instructions:

Sow seeds from February to May in a 0.5cm deep hole and within each hole plant two seeds. Sprinkle some fine compost on top, then press it down. The seedlings should start to germinate within 7 to 14 days if the trays are stored in a warm environment. When your seedlings are between 10 and 15 cm tall, you can transfer them. Harvest from June through to October.
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